Zaubersprüche für den Hausgebrauch

Alternatives Magiesystem

Basis-Regeln eines alternativen Magiessytem für das D20-System, das auf Manapunkten (Spell points) basiert.

Neue Zauber

Gebräuliche Abkürzungen und Begriffe

1 " 10 feet indoors / 10 yards outdoors
1 r1 round = 1 minute
1 segm1 segment = 6 seconds
MMaterial component
SSomatic component
VVerbal component
Area of EffectWirkungsbereich des Zaubers
Casting TimeZeit, die benötigt wird, den Zauber zu tätigen
ClassCharakerklasse, die diesen Zauber wirken kann
ComponentsArt der Komponenten, die für das Wirken des Zaubers nötig sind
DurationDauer des Zaubers
Granted byGötter, die den betreffenden Zauber ihren Priestern gewähren
LevelZauberspruchlevel des Zaubers
RangeReichweite des Zaubers
Saving ThrowRettungswurf gegen den Zauber (Neg.=Negierung, 1/2=halber Schaden, none=keiner)

Know Subjective Alignment (Divination)

Class: ClericAuthor:Stefan Hagemann, Tobias Albrecht
Level: 2Components:V, S
Range:1"Casting Time:1 Hour
Duration:SpecialSaving Throw:None
Area of Effect:One creatureGranted by:all

The Know Subjective Alignment spell enables the cleric to read the subjective alignment or general behaviour of a person which may be human, semi-human, or even non-human. In order to cast this spell the cleric must actively discuss with the target creature for at least an hour. From this discussion he gets information about the way the target creature thinks and how it will behave in particular situations. Based on the information from the discussion, the spell reveals the alignment of the person how the cleric would fix it. Notice that this so called subjective alignment is based only on the personal estimation of the cleric, so that it may differ from the absolute alignment of the person which is based on the global godly (or on the general society) rules of the world. Contrary to this, the 2nd-level spell Know Alignment reveals the absolute alignment of a creature. Because this should be more difficult than getting knowledge of the subjective alignment, Know Alignment is now classified as a 4th-level spell.

Tolisis' Magic Missiles (Evocation)

Class: Magic-UserAuthor:Stefan Hagemann
Level: 1Components:V, S, M
Range:6" + 1"/levelCasting Time:1 segment
Duration:InstantaneousSaving Throw:Special
Area of Effect:One or more creatures in a 10 square foot area

The Tolisis' Magic Missiles spell is similar to the 1st-level magic-user spell Magic Missile and uses the same statistics except those noted beyond. The missiles created by this spell are small magic poison needles. Therefore every target gets a saving throw against poison at -1 per missile which hits the target from a single spell; e.g. if two missiles hit a victim it will get a saving throw at -2 against poison. A successful saving throw sets the damage from each missile to 1 hit point of damage, e.g. if the victim mentioned above saves against poison it will suffer 2 hit points of damage. The material component of this spell (in addition to V and S required for the regular Magic Missile spell) is one rattle segment per missile from a rattlesnakes' rattle. The verbal component of this spell includes the exclaiming of the name of Anith, Goddess of Snakes: "Oh Anith, send out some magic spikes to strike at ... "
The spell was developed by Tolisis, a female magic-user guarding the tower of magic in the city of Rhulad-Zhem. She is a true follower of Anith, the goddess of snakes. Anith is also referred to as the goddess of black magic and as the princess of lust and pain. Therefore Tolisis has created this spell to merge these three aspects of Anith within a single spell: the poison from a snake, the magic of the missiles itself, and the pain caused by a missile's hit.

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