Nostradamus prophezeite: 1999 ist Weltuntergang *

HAG's remark:

Now we have reached the next millennium and nothing has happened. Luckily, Nostradamus' prophecy has failed. But if you read the following article you may imagine that his prophecy sounded a little terrifying in the beginning of the year 1999.

Nostradamus wrote for a contemporary French audience and most of the places he mentions are in or near France. He referred frequently to noble French families, and although he specifically mentioned numerous obscure French towns and rivers, he ignored the New World. Most significantly, although he made up plenty of words, he never wrote "bombe atomique," "Kennedy," or "Los Angeles." Quatrain 10-72 is the only quatrain with a date still in the future, and as such it is unique. This is the last opportunity for his followers to score a direct hit by stating explicitly what their master predicted and then reaping all the glory that comes with successfully predicting the future. According to the translation by Edgar Leoni in his monumental Nostradamus and His Prophecies, quatrain 10-72 reads:
      L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois,
      Du ciel viendra grand Roy deffrayeur
      Resusciter la grand Roy d'Angolmois.
      Aunt après Mars regner par bonheur. 

      The year 1999, seventh month,
      From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
      To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
      Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.
(Angolmois can be interpreted as an anagram for Mongolois; it could also refer to the French royal House of Angouleme. Or maybe it will only make sense after the fact.)

Today this widely quoted quatrain is variously thought to refer to a tyrant from Libya (guess who) or Persia, but not necessarily China or Mongolia. The movie The Man Who Saw Tomorrow dramatizes the ultimate Middle East act of terrorism as a blue-turbaned despot lets the missiles fly, initiating World War III. This is followed by earthquakes (starting in California), followed by world-wide natural disasters. The war becomes nuclear in 1999 when an Antichrist from the "Kingdom of Mohammed" invades the west. Fortunately, after 27 years, the good guys eventually win and a thousand years of peace follow. Sadly, the world ends in 3797 C.E.

Frightening theory that includes the war in Yugoslavia
by Bell

Interpretation of Nostradamus 10-72 about the kingdom of the Mongols:

The original Mongols came from east of Lake Baikal, an area somewhat north of today's Mongolia. Their empire at its maximum encompassed today's China, southeastern and southern Russia, Georgia and the Ukraine.

The Russians themselves --such as they were at the time-- were "vassals," if you will, to the "Golden Horde" ruled by Genghis Khan's descendants, for several hundred years until the Russians declared full independence in 1502, just one year before Nostradamus was born in France. So by the time of publication of his book in 1555, the "Golden Horde" variety of Mongols were recent history -- rather like recalling no farther than World War II for us. I figure those are the Mongols he referred to, and revitalizing them today would be the successors of that physical territory, which today is mostly Russia.

Here's what I see happening, based on today's headlines: the current war in Serbia/Kosovo expands to its neighbors, and NATO involvement accelerates perhaps with ground troops. Traditional alliances lead nations to take sides: Russia has always been a traditional ally of the Serbs who are fellow Orthodox Christians, and Yeltsin is too weak/sick to calm that fervor. The United States and NATO have taken a clear stance on behalf of the Kosovars.

I see the situation degenerating by July into Russia actively supporting Serbia, against the U.S./NATO--more like another World War I, with the added attraction of "great terror coming from the sky" of bombs, missiles, etc. This situation could easily trigger World War III.

HAG's comment:

Bell has made a reasonable interpretation of Nostradamus' quatrain 10-72 that makes me a little bit frightened. I hope that the Russians know that a war will completely destroy their oeconomic system which is currently suffering a lot. Not only the war itself will require a large amount of money, but the western nations will also cancel the IWF credits for Russia. So we have to wait until July has passed by in order to be able to sleep calmer.

Bell's answer:

My interpretation is rather frightening, isn't it, and I certainly hope it's wrong. But I can see the Russians getting involved in this, and in fact, they already are a bit, based on yesterday's (31 March 99) news about 7 ships sailing out of the Black Sea fleet to monitor the situation.

Although Russia is economically weak now, I think it is actually as dangerous, or more so, than ever before. It's quite commonplace in history for nations to use war to turn attention from their own internal problems. Uniting against a common foe, they can forget about hungry stomachs and a plummeting economy. War is also good for the economy: a reason to revive Russia's sagging heavy industrial production that provided many jobs.

I might go even further, based on something I was thinking the other day. Nostradamus said that "Terror will come from the sky/To revitalize the kingdom of the Mongols." Well, certainly terror is coming from the sky already in the form of NATO and U.S. conventional bombs. And certainly far worse terror rained over Europe with conventional bombs during World War II, yet Nostradamus didn't predict his terror with a specific date for that time, or for what the West is doing in March and April, 1999.

That makes me think he meant worse terror than caused by conventional bombs--I hate to say it because I am a left-brained, logical person and not prone to hysteria or hyperbole--but possibly he meant atomic bombs. Or a very vast acceleration of conventional bombs outside the Balkan region.

If this scenario looks increasingly likely by early summer, I wonder if there's anything that can be done to prevent such disaster, or if we are truly fated to whatever Nostradamus beheld in July.

Louie's comment:

There is a big mistake: The X-72 quatrain talks of the year 1999 sept mois. But, sept that means seven, can also be interpretated as seven months completed (august) or SEPTember. You should look at it.

HAG's comment:

That's really unpleasant. Now we have to wait until the end of September to see if things go mad (and bad) or not.

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