Astrologie - und was man dagegen tun kann

Astrologen sind stolz darauf, daß ihre sogenannte Wissenschaft schon über 2000 Jahre existiert. Wirklich toll, wenn man bedenkt, daß sich seit dieser Zeit die astronomischen Tierkreiszeichen um ein Zeichen gedreht haben. Womit die meisten Astrologen schon widerlegt sind, da sie sich auf eine Sternenkonstellation berufen, die heute so nicht mehr existiert.
Falls dies noch nicht ausreicht, den Astrologen als Sharlatan zu entlarven, so folgen nun 13 Fragen, die einen Astrologen oder einen Astrologie-Anhänger mit Sicherheit in einige Verlegenheit stürzen werden.


Andrew Fraknoi's Ten Embarrassing Questions to Ask Astrologers from his Astrology Defense Kit, are useful when encountering believers of astrology:

1. What is the likelihood that 1/12 of the world's population is having the same kind of day?

2. Why is the moment of birth, not conception, crucial for astrology? (Think about it a bit and you can put an astrologer on the spot with this one: one-third of all births in the U.S. happen when the doctor performs a Caesarean section or induces labor-was yours?)

3. If the mother's womb can keep out astrological forces until the moment of birth, why can't we do the same with a piece of steak?

4. If astrologers are so good, why aren't they rich? (The Los Angeles Times, December 28, 1995, reports on page 1 that the treasurer of Orange County, California, used an astrologer and psychic to guide the county's investments. He lost $1.6 billion and bankrupted the county. Why aren't he, the astrologer, and the county rich?)

5. Are all horoscopes done before the discovery of the outermost three planets incorrect?

6. Should we not condemn astrology as a form of bigotry? (Isn't it discrimination by birth date?)

7. Why do different schools of astrology disagree so strongly with each other?

8. If astrological influence is carried by a known force (such as gravity-caused tides), why do the planets dominate over closer objects? (Why does Mars supposedly have more influence that the nearby doctor attending a birth?)

9. If astrological influence is carried by unknown forces, why is it independent of distance? (Why does Mars supposedly have the same influence regardless of its distance, which varies greatly?)

10. Why are there no astrological influences caused by stars and galaxies?


11. If Astrology is based on planetary forces why did astrologers not predict the existence of three of the planets (one-third of the solar system!)?

12. If astrologers can predict the future, why do they not agree on who will win the next election?

13. And if the planets exert unknown forces on little you and me, why didn't they act on the Galileo spacecraft after slingshotting around the solar system for years-and which arrived right on target?

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